Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cinderella...Once upon a time...

Long ago in a faraway land, poor Cinderella  lived with her mean stepfamily.  They filled her days with cooking,  scrubbing,  washing, and chores of every kind.  Cinderella' s stepmother and two stepsisters,  Anastasia and Drizella, never helped with her work.  But Cinderella remained cheerful and kind.  She made friends with all the animals that she met.  Cinderella even made clothes for the mice who shared her small attic room.  One day, jaq, her favorite mouse,  was upset.  "What's all the fuss about?"  Cinderella asked.  Jaq led her to a new mouse that was caught in a trap!  Cinderella quickly freed the frightened mouse.  Then she dressed him in new clothes and found the perfect name for him :  Gus.  When it was time for Cinderella to feed the chickens, the mice headed for the barnyard.  Cinderella always saved some corn for them .  But today,  the mean old cat,  Lucifer,  blocked their way.  Jaq  was chosen to get the cat to chase him.  Then the other mice could scoot outside.  The plan worked.  Jaq kicked the cat and angry Lucifer began chasing him.  But Jaq was too fast for Lucifer and made it safely into a mousehole.  While Licifer waited fir Jaq to come out,  the other mice scampered by him!  Cinderella spent the rest of  her day attending to chores.  "Take that ironing," Drizella demanded.  "Don't forget the mending,"Anatasia added.  "Pick up the laundry and get on with your duties," her stepmother ordered.  Meanwhile, at the royal palace, the King complained to the Grand Duke.  "It's high time my son got married," he sobbed.  "I want  grandchildren!"  The King decided to hold a ball.  "If all the eligible maidens come," said the King,  "the Prince is bound to find his bride among them. "

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